January 6, 2022

What's New for 2022 - VisitDays Brand & Product Updates


Chris Langone

Over the last year, VisitDays has made vast improvements to our website and our product. Check out what's new for VisitDays in 2022!

Over the last year, VisitDays has made vast improvements to our website and our product. The changes reflect our view on the future of the student-to-college relationship. Now, as we shift to a more virtual world, the responsibility of our company to help facilitate meaningful connections between students and college reps is paramount. 

Since our inception, we have worked with over 1,800 colleges and universities to help them create powerful virtual events and build genuine relationships with their students. Many of our college enterprise customers have grown their communities with their own fully personalized experiences. 

As we look towards the future, we want to build upon the community aspect even more than before. This is why we have introduced the VisitDays Network that brings together K12 districts, students, and college administrators all in one central location

As virtual offerings are leading the college decision-making process, we believe VisitDays will change the game when it comes to connecting students with the right college.

What is new about VisitDays? 

We have rolled out the VisitDays Network, which provides access to our growing network of colleges and universities, virtually connecting students to higher education institutions, so they can find the school that fits them best.

K12 districts, high schools, and charter schools are now able to host their own events on the VisitDays platform for free, allowing for colleges and universities to join as ‘exhibitors’ to connect with their students easily. This change in our offering makes it easier for college admissions counselors to reach students in their territories. It’s also easier for students to meet with and engage with colleges and universities without the added pressure of in-person events. 

K12 schools can use the platform to host ongoing college access programs where students can access specific programming related to topics that interest them. For example, a high school can set up a month-long program on financial aid and invite colleges to join as exhibitors or post on-demand content. 

Is the VisitDays platform changing?

Overall, our virtual platform still offers great features that have helped so many colleges prospect and engage with students. This includes the ability to host live sessions, upload videos, export attendee data, schedule a meeting or chat 1:1 with students, and much more. Our platform is constantly evolving and being updated with new features that help make it easier for students and exhibitors. 

Why are we updating our brand?

Our new “Connecting the dots” logo is something that we think resonates with our mission in bringing students, parents, high schools, and colleges together. Providing accessible and free college access to all students and families is our goal, and we believe students should be able to meet with college reps online in a matter of minutes. 

Learn more about our the VisitDays Network and schedule a call to join today!