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1,800 institutions worldwide are ready to help your students meet their future college! 

Our network provides the ability for your students to easily meet with colleges and universities of their choice.

- 93% of students had a good or excellent experience with VisitDays
- 90 of the nation’s Top 100 institutions use VisitDays
- 70% average show-up rate to events through VisitDays

Build fully branded experiences that show your students all that your institution offers. 

VisitDays is used across the entire student lifecycle and beyond to boost engagement with students!

- Admissions
- Student affairs and student services
- Career services
- Alumni  Institutional training and conferences

VisitDays provide seamless experiences for your team to develop an incredible college access program and host your own college fair for your students. The experience will bring rich experiences such as:

-Live sessions
-1-on-1 meetings
-Live chat
-On-demand video content

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All the features that you need most

With our numerous set of features, you are able to create engaging virtual and hybrid experiences to showcase your organization in the best possible ways.

Live Sessions

It’s never been easier to create live experiences for your audience! Bring together members from different areas of your organization to create unlimited live experiences for your attendees.

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Live Chat

Build deeper connections with your audience before, during, and after your events. Live chat takes community building to the next level.

On Demand Content

Engaging your audience doesn’t need to stop when your event ends. Upload on-demand videos and content to ensure your audience can engage with you anytime and anywhere.

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Automated Text Message and Email Reminders

VisitDays automatically sends text message and email reminders to ensure your registrants show-up at the right place and the right time.

1:1 Meetings

Schedule 1:1 meetings with attendees to help answer their most important questions.

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Gain key insights into how your attendees interact with your live and on-demand content.

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