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Given that two-thirds of high school students say that conversations they have on online platforms influence their decision on where to enroll in college - this allows us a tool in which we can inform interested students about our schools, programs, and various opportunities.

Ken, Director of Admissions & Enrollment, Foxcroft

People love using VisitDays
I love how we were able to create Virtual Open House events that incorporated live and pre-built sessions. The team at VisitDays has also been incredible - just so responsive and helpful. VisitDays has been an excellent investment!

Alick L, Recruitment and Admissions Specialist

People love using VisitDays
The customer support is excellent. If I ever have a question, the VisitDays team responds very quickly. I also like how there are so many different ways to connect with prospective students.

Darrell K, Admissions Assistant

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How to create great attendee experiences at a virtual fair

Virtual events such as open houses, accepted students day, fairs, and other experiences present a tremendous opportunity for institutions to get.

How to create great attendee experiences at a virtual fair

Virtual events such as open houses, accepted students day, fairs, and other experiences present a tremendous opportunity for institutions to get.

How to create great attendee experiences at a virtual fair

Virtual events such as open houses, accepted students day, fairs, and other experiences present a tremendous opportunity for institutions to get.

Unlocking the Power of Prompt Engineering for Complex Data Analysis

Prompt engineering is revolutionizing complex data analysis by guiding AI models to generate accurate and relevant responses through carefully crafted prompts. This technique simplifies intricate queries, enhances data interpretation, automates routine analysis, and facilitates advanced analytical tasks. Companies like VisitDays AI Gambit leverage prompt engineering to help universities gain clarity on enrollment and attrition data, enabling data-driven decision-making. By providing precise and contextually rich prompts, VisitDays AI Gambit ensures that universities can break down complex data sets into actionable insights, ultimately improving student experiences and outcomes. As AI technology advances, prompt engineering will remain a vital skill for extracting meaningful insights from complex data, democratizing access to advanced analysis, and driving better strategic planning.

Introducing AI-Driven VisitDays AI Gambit to Revolutionize Student Retention at the University of Missouri - Saint Louis

In the continuous pursuit of enhancing student success, universities are increasingly turning to innovative technologies that preemptively address and mitigate potential challenges. The University of Missouri - Saint Louis (UMSL) is at the forefront of this initiative, having recently implemented VisitDays AI Gambit—an AI-powered platform designed to focus specifically on course-specific attrition and retention challenges.

Transforming Higher Education: How AI Gambit Drives Data-Driven Success at Universities

In the ever-evolving landscape of higher education, the challenges of student enrollment, retention, and financial sustainability are becoming increasingly complex. Today, more than ever, university leaders need to base their strategic decisions on solid data to not just survive but thrive.

Revolutionizing Higher Education: Adapting to the New Era of Learning

Deloitte's report by Clark, Cluver, and Selingo suggests the traditional higher education model is outdated. Historically centered around faculty needs, this approach doesn't align with today's economic and social demands. Key flaws include misaligned tuition costs and over-reliance on middle-class high school graduates. To stay relevant, institutions should adopt student-centric models, focusing on diverse learners and innovative delivery methods, such as market-aligned certifications. The report urges institutions to evolve and adapt for a sustainable future in education.

The Rising Threat: Ransomware Attacks on Educational Institutions

In a recent article by Micah Ward, it was revealed that 80% of schools faced ransomware attacks last year, a surge since the pandemic's onset. The Sophos report identified compromised credentials and exploited vulnerabilities as primary causes. The rise of the ransomware-as-a-service model has made attacks more frequent and sophisticated. First Lady Jill Biden stressed the importance of protecting students' data. Institutions are urged to enhance cybersecurity, educate about threats, and invest in secure IT to safeguard students' futures.

Efficiently Recruiting International Students: Leveraging New Opportunities with VisitDays

VisitDays and MPower have partnered to enhance international student recruitment. Leveraging MPower's Internationalstudents.com, which attracts 300,000 visitors, VisitDays offers targeted ads, free counseling for students, and hosts recruiting fairs. Their new Direct Placement Services further simplifies student enrollment. This collaboration represents a modern, efficient approach to global student recruitment.