November 18, 2021

Using Chat to engage with your audience


Chris Langone

Chat is a key way to engage with your audiences at scale during virtual events.

Virtual and hybrid events continue to be key in reaching new audiences. 

With our newest feature, Chat, exhibitors and attendees at your most important virtual experiences can communicate in real-time so you can focus on keeping your audience engaged and informed. Chat is great for providing additional resources to ensure your audience has the ability to engage with your team throughout your virtual events.

Whether you’re hosting a virtual college tour, a corporate virtual event, team training, a hybrid event, or any other important virtual event where you’re trying to engage with your audience, it’s key to have a feature that allows you to engage with your prospects just like you would at an in-person event. 

Authentic communication on Chat provides an additional personal touch when communicating with leads. Chat is designed to make it simple for attendees and exhibitors to use, so you can have a seamless conversation right in your virtual event. 

While some other chat tools can take months to plug-in to your website, VisitDays Chat is instantly available for virtual events. Chat provides an additional funnel to gain leads and engage with your audience. 

Check out this video to learn more about how Chat can help you take your next virtual event to the next level!