February 6, 2023

The Importance of Student Engagement Data


Jose Flores

Tracking engagement is an essential aspect of the university experience, as it helps universities to understand and support the needs of their students and alums. Student appointments can include a wide range of activities, such as academic advising, career counseling, and mental health services. They play a critical role in the student and alum life cycle.

One of the primary reasons for tracking engagement is to improve academic achievement. Academic advising appointments, for example, can help students to stay on track with their coursework and make informed decisions about their major and career plans. By tracking engagement, universities can identify students at risk of falling behind and provide them with the support and resources they need to succeed.

In addition to improving academic achievement, tracking engagement can also help universities support their students’ mental and emotional well-being. Mental health services, such as counseling and therapy, are a vital part of the university experience, and they can help students to cope with the stress and challenges of college life. By tracking engagement, universities can identify students who may be struggling with mental health issues and connect them with the resources they need to get the support they need.

Another critical benefit of tracking engagement is that it can help universities identify and support students and alums who need career counseling. Career counseling appointments can help students explore their interests and skills and plan their future careers. By tracking engagement, universities can identify students who may be struggling to find their way and provide them with the guidance and resources they need to succeed in the workforce.

Tracking engagement throughout the alum life cycle is essential for maintaining strong relationships with alums. By keeping track of the events they attend, universities can better understand their needs and interests and continue engaging them on university projects.

Student lifecycle from enrollment to graduation and beyond

There is one technology that can unite all student engagement data. VisitDays, allows you to track students throughout their student life cycle and beyond, including their engagement in admissions, orientations, faculty appointments, financial aid appointments, athletic appointments, billing appointments, campus events, and alums activities.Imagine tracking student engagement throughout the student life cycle through one technology. By the time they graduate, you will have a profile of the student engagements throughout their education.

Even when they graduate, VisitDays technology allows you to track the engagement and activities of alums. We make it easy for our users to leverage QR codes for check-in, regardless of location. For Example, coaches and admissions teams can travel to recruit students and flash a QR code to track the engagement. The data is easily tracked and automatically integrated into your system of choice.It’s also mobile-friendly and works for both physical and virtual engagements.

Another advantage of this technology is that it allows you to easily share student engagement information with other staff members, including retention teams, alum officers, and other administrators. This helps streamline communication and collaboration to ensure all stakeholders work together to support student success and future tailored alum engagements.This system is easy to install and priced in a way that all colleges and universities can leverage the technology.

There is no office we can’t connect and track. It can even follow if a student expressed interest in the university from a third-party site.In conclusion, tracking engagement is essential for universities to understand and support the needs of their students and alums throughout the student and alum life cycle. It can help to improve academic achievement, support mental and emotional well-being, aid career counseling, and maintain strong relationships with alums. Universities that invest in tracking engagement will be better equipped to provide their students and alums with the resources and support they need to succeed.