December 14, 2022

Why you should use PowerBI for Higher Education Student Retention, Persistence and Graduation Reporting


Sujoy Roy

Power BI is a powerful tool higher education marketing departments can use to track, analyze, and visualize student retention and persistence. It has features that allow users to quickly build reports, dashboards, and interactive visuals from their data sources. With the help of Power BI, higher education marketers can obtain real-time insights into their students' behavior and preferences for better targeting of university initiatives.

By using Power BI to track graduation rates, student progression, and other indicators of successful program completion, deans can gain valuable insights on how to better retain and persist their students. With these insights in hand, deans are able to make informed decisions about the programs they offer and adjust strategies accordingly to ensure that students remain engaged and motivated throughout their academic journey. Furthermore, Power BI's reporting capabilities allow deans to monitor the effectiveness of their initiatives on a program-by-program basis. This enables them to quickly identify which strategies are producing results – allowing them to focus resources where they will make the most impact. In short, Power BI is an invaluable tool for higher education marketing departments looking to increase graduation

By understanding how students interact with the institution over time, higher ed marketers can create personalized experiences aimed at keeping them engaged in their programs and increasing overall retention rates. Additionally, Power BI provides detailed analysis of each student's past enrollment patterns so higher ed leaders can understand which strategies work best in encouraging re-enrollment or helping students persist through their program or degree. In higher education, the use of Power BI can lead to higher student retention rates and better overall outcomes.

Power BI offers deans, provosts and enrollment leaders a comprehensive way to look at and monitor student's progress over time, giving them the ability to make proactive decisions that lead to higher retention rates and better student outcomes. Ultimately, Power BI is an invaluable tool for higher across all departments looking to increase their strategies for student retention and persistence.