November 18, 2021

How to maximize attendee engagement with VisitDays and Zoom


Chris Langone

Easily maximize engagement with VIsitDays Zoom Webinar or Zoom Meetings anytime and from anywhere.

In the past year, we’ve all been in countless Zoom meetings and Zoom webinars. We’ve experienced Zoom-bombs, lost Zoom links, Zoom fatigue, tried to find the best angle for Zoom video, and turned Zoom into a verb. We’ve also struggled, at times, to create a cohesive and fun experience for attendees of virtual events by needing to share a ton of links, move attendees to breakout rooms, get our team members and other institutional stakeholders involved, and just generally make sure everyone knows where they need to be and when. 

Despite some of these challenges, your attendees are now comfortable using Zoom and they expect to use it, but our research shows that they want a more engaging and cohesive experience while using Zoom.

So, how exactly, can you create these more engaging and cohesive virtual experiences with Zoom? One way to do this that hundreds of teams have latched onto is using VisitDays with Zoom to create next-generation events.

Cohesive and Engaging Experiences

Creating cohesive, engaging experiences needs to have two audiences in mind: the curator of the virtual event and the attendees of the virtual event. 

Teams that build out virtual events and create content for each event have a difficult job. From determining scheduling to getting other stakeholders involved to creating the theme, event content, and marketing involved in the virtual event, these teams need tools to make their jobs easier. And, they need to make sure that their tools work together in a cohesive way. Here’s where VisitDays makes it easy for your team to build and run your virtual events. 

Whether it’s a session for 5 people or an event for 5,000, combining the power of VisitDays and Zoom allows for your team and your attendees to have an experience that is both engaging and seamless. 

With one click, your attendees are able to join any live session or meeting from your branded event in VisitDays. This creates an easy and familiar experience for attendees, taking away any guessing games of how to join a virtual event. Beforehand, your attendees will be able to see exactly how long until their live session begins and they will receive automated reminders nudging them to show-up for their session, helping to boost your show-up rates! 

For your team, a simple copy and paste allows for you to have one spot for all of your live sessions and 1:1 meetings by combining VisitDays and Zoom. If things change just before your live event, no worries. You can change anything up until the time of the event in the VisitDays backend, taking away last-minute stress for your team and not impacting anything from the attendee experience. 

By setting your team up for success with easy-to-use tools, engagement with your audience is now easier than ever.

Video Stream to Other Sources

The goal is to have your audience all in one spot. However, there will always be people looking through your brand content on places like YouTube and Facebook. With the VisitDays and Zoom integration, you can easily live-stream your virtual events Live on YouTube and Live on Facebook. All you need to do is make sure you use Zoom Webinar and VisitDays for the virtual events you want to live stream.

This allows you to live-stream your virtual events to reach even more audiences where they are already searching for you!

Engagement Analytics

So, you’ve run your virtual event(s) and your team totally rocked it! But, now you want to know how many registrants became attendees, how they interacted with your live sessions, videos, live chat, and other digital engagement. You also want to see which sessions had the highest attendance and most engagement. 

Not a problem! After you run your virtual events through VisitDays and Zoom, you can take a deep dive into how your virtual event(s) performed and all of the interactions that attendees had with your team and your content. 

All of your engagement analytics live in VisitDays, can be exported as a CSV file, or can be integrated with your CRM of choice.

Maximizing attendee engagement and building virtual events has never been easier with VisitDays and Zoom! 

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