November 18, 2021

How to easily build your virtual events with VisitDays and Zoom


Chris Langone

How to use VisitDays and Zoom for virtual events

Even with more “normalcy” coming back to the event landscape, virtual and hybrid events will still be an integral part of the future. In fact, virtual events can have even more reach and offer more engagement than in-person events. 

In-person events can come with its hurdles such as set-up time, cost, attendee limitations, and more. While virtual events can offer a wider scope such as unlimited attendees and flexibility with how long and when you run your event. There’s plenty of advantages of engaging with prospects in the virtual setting too, including live streams, product demos, even giveaways. 

Zoom is one tool that can help keep your prospects engaged when hosting virtual events. During the pandemic, it seemed as though every company had to become a Zoom expert and hosting live sessions and webinars became an alternative way to reach new prospects. While Zoom is great for hosting events virtually, it’s only one piece of the puzzle. 

VisitDays incorporates Zoom right into our platform and can host an entire community with a quick and easy set-up time. You can use VisitDays as a hub to bring together your audience in a fun and unique way. Try Zoom on VisitDays for FREE and experience how simple it is to host a live event.

Why should I run a virtual event using Zoom and VisitDays?  

Bringing your community together in one central hub is important. VisitDays gives you the keys to host content, live sessions with Zoom, and more in a smart and simple way.  

Once you drive your attendees to your website, it’s easy for them to navigate through all the content you uploaded to VisitDays. Your audience can easily search events their interest in by using the navigation bar or by using unique tags that you create. It’s much easier to get attendees to show up to events as they can set reminders and opt in to automated text messaging so they never forget when an event is happening.

From there, your attendees can join the live Zoom from their laptop, tablet or iPhone from anywhere in the world. Now you can bring as many people as you want to your virtual event and cast a much wider net to find and engage prospects.

How to use Zoom in VisitDays 

First thing is first, you need a Zoom account and a Zoom Profile to get started. If you don’t already have an account, you can sign up here and find the pricing plan that best fits your team’s needs. Once you have the account squared away, using it on the VisitDays platform is extremely easy.

Once you’re in the backend of the VisitDays product, just navigate to “Live Sessions” and you can begin customizing your live zoom event. Then you can name the event, provide a brief description and set the dates in which you want to run the event. 

The next step is simply plugging in your Zoom Meeting Link, which can be found under “Meeting > Invite” in your Zoom app. Once you do that, you're set to start promoting your event and driving your audience to your custom URL, which can be provided through VisitDays. 

Additionally, there are a few optional steps to further customize your virtual live session. You can limit the number of attendees that can join to promote a more exclusive event. You can also incorporate “tags” so your audience can easily search for the event they are looking for. Finally, you can assign team members to host and run the event and set a cover photo to increase your branding and drive more interest. 

How much does it cost to host a VisitDays/Zoom event?  

Finding the Zoom plans and pricing that work best for you is an easy task. Zoom Pro plans range from $150 to $300 per year and you can even sign up for free and get limited features if you're unsure about purchasing.

If you already have a Zoom account, great! There’s no additional cost for hosting Zoom meetings on VisitDays. In fact, you can try VisitDays for FREE and host your next virtual event on the VisitDays platform to help you better engage with your prospects.  

You can also schedule a demo if you’re ready to get started with VisitDays.

The Recap

You can get creative when hosting your next virtual event and VisitDays x Zoom can help you get there. Whether you're hosting a live webinar, an information seminar, a virtual conference, or anything else, it’s easy and effective to host your virtual events with VisitDays. 

Learn more about hosting live events, view demos, and more by joining the VisitDays community. You’ll be able to view on-demand videos, join weekly webinars and stay in-touch with everything in the virtual event community.