November 18, 2021

Creative ideas for your next virtual event


Chris Langone

Creative virtual events allows for students to continually learn more about your institution and meet with the people they will be around for the next four years.

Virtual events such as open houses, accepted students day, fairs, and other experiences present a tremendous opportunity for institutions to get creative! In the virtual world, you have the opportunity to engage with a higher number of students and provide them with a completely unique experience that will be sure to get them excited. 

The more creative sessions and options available for students to engage with your institution the better. This allows for students to continually learn more about your institution and meet with the people they will be around for the next four years. 

In this blog, we’ll feature some of the amazing things our customers have done to provide their students with creative and fun virtual experiences! 

Creating a Webinar Series

The University of Hawaii at Manoa used VisitDays to create a summer webinar series for their students. They had a multitude of sessions that answered pressing questions that parents and students may have been wondering about. 

These types of question and answer sessions were key as the uncertainty of coming back to campus or not was on the forefront of every students’ mind this past year. COVID has forced nearly every college and university to consider a hybrid or virtual model for their campus, so Hawaii at Manoa embraced this with an interactive webinar series which provided a sense of normalcy to their community.  

Not only did Hawaii at Manoa use this webinar series for the summer, they are also planning to run webinar sessions in the fall for their students. 

Using VisitDays for K12 Events

Woodberry Forest School, a private K-12 institution, is using VisitDays to host their virtual events. They were able to use our platform to host a series of events mainly geared towards parents to easily access resources related to the school. 

The school had the unique idea to create two different urls for admitted students and admissions. This allowed the Woodberry Forest to separate all the great content and resources they had, making it easier for their community to navigate.  

While most of our customers are in higher education, we have seen an uptick in K-12 customers as they continue to find value in hosting virtual events with VisitDays. Woodberry Forest School is a great example of hosting unique and beneficial content for their students and their parents. 

Counselor Conferences

Our customers in the California State University system (23 campuses throughout) hosted a series of conferences for high school and community college counselors. Each school within CSU had separate profiles for the counselor series so they could customize their content and direct the students to specific resources related to each school. 

Not only did the schools offer live sessions for counselors to join, but they also provided on-demand video content as another helpful resource. The VisitDays platform also offers student-to-exhibitor live chat capability so any unanswered questions from the live sessions can be directed there. 

These are just a few of the examples of our customers using VisitDays to host creative virtual events. If you want to create your own virtual event with VisitDays, sign up for a free trial or if you would like to learn more about us, schedule a demo.