November 18, 2021

3 ways to create great live content for your virtual events


Chris Langone

3 ways to create live content and engagement for your virtual events.

You’ve picked the date for your virtual event, invited your team members and partners to be part of it, and you're starting to market the event. So, what’s missing? Great live content, of course! 

From making your content binge-worthy to providing content in the ways your audience wants, here are 3 ways to create great live content for your virtual events.

1. Know how your audience consumes content

Understanding how your audience interacts with your content and what type of content they want is key to building live content for your virtual events. Our research shows that around 70% of attendees of virtual events through our platforms join on a mobile device. This makes clear that the majority of attendees expect easy mobile experiences that they can join from anywhere and anytime. 

Building live content should have a mobile-first mentality that is exciting and engaging for your audience. For example, knowing that most of your attendees will join from a smartphone, build shorter live sessions and offer more times for sessions to ensure that an attendee always has the opportunity to join and interact with your content. 

One way to increase engagement during live events is to offer opportunities for attendees to chat directly with members of your team. This provides unique moments of engagement that can be spontaneous and provide truly memorable experiences.

With Conventions, you can easily build out series of virtual events with unlimited live content and provide continuous engagement. From fun interactions with your team, roundtables, webinars, live chat, or hybrid experiences that happen synchronously in-person and virtually, the possibilities for live content and engagement are endless. All of this helps ensure that you are able to boost audience engagement and achieve your goals for your virtual events.

2. Run your virtual events in your own branded virtual space

Over the past year, we have all been on countless virtual meetings, clicked hundreds of meeting links, joined webinars, and maybe even attended a few virtual conferences. So, how can we make virtual events and live content interesting? One key is to ensure that all of your live content lives in one place that fully highlights your brand. 

Virtual events and the marketing that goes into each event is a reflection of your brand. When building live content for your virtual events, keeping everything in one branded space allows for attendees to consistently interact with your brand across live content from the point of registering to their last live session. Once an attendee joins your virtual event, they should be able to stay in that event for as long as they want and seamlessly interact with all of your live content, always engaging with your brand.

3. Record it!

The final way to create great experiences for attendees at your virtual events is to record all of your live content. Recording live content is a great way to continue engagement long after the end of your live event. Sometimes attendees miss live content, can’t attend at a particular time, or have such a great experience that they want to engage with the live content again. These are all great reasons enough to record content, but there’s one more important reason to record your content.

The last reason to record your content is because it provides a treasure trove of marketing content. All of your live sessions can and should become more content. Whether for your next email campaigns, social media content, digital ads, website content, or driving more people to your event page post-event, all of this content can continue to live on and be repurposed for engagement. This is an easy way to help teams get the most out of all live content and to grow the reach of your brand.