March 24, 2022

3 tips to get the most out of a college access program


Haley Kates

Over the past several months, VisitDays has launched multiple College Access Programs with districts and K12 organizations across the US and internationally. Read our blog post to learn more about what a college access program is, how it’s different from virtual events you’re accustomed to, and tips to help your college or university stand out.

What is a College Access Program?

A VisitDays College Access Program gives thousands of high school students virtual access to colleges in one place. Colleges and universities can connect with these prospective students through online chat, scheduled meetings, live sessions, on-demand resources, and more. 

What’s different about that?

Unlike a traditional college fair, each Access Program is connected to a particular high school, district, or K12 organization.The program can last from a day to a week to all year. Instead of requiring admissions representatives and students to all attend at one time and on one day, a college access program allows students and their parents as well as the university staff to schedule events around the times that work for them. This type of program improves access and accessibility for students and their parents. 

How does it work?

Through specific programming that the high school or district select, students learn more about the colleges and universities on various topics like admissions requirements, financial aid, majors, and more. The colleges can then create content, videos, or panels on these topics. Additionally, colleges and universities can college profile, live sessions, 1:1 meetings, chat, and more. Admissions representatives have liked that they can use VisitDays to schedule meetings around existing commitments, do not have to travel, and can grow the brand outside of their usual territories more easily. 

Tips to stand out during a college access week

1. Build an engaging university profile!

Your profile is one of the first things the prospective students will look at. We live in a visual world and your audience has grown up using social media. So make sure to ask yourself what your audience finds interesting? The first thing they’ll look at is the first couple of pictures or marketing banners posted. Here are some helpful tips: 

  • Make sure photos and marketing are high quality, exciting and relevant
  • Add cohesive and unique on-brand patterns or designs that reflect your brand and the excitement of student/college energy
  • Write an informative, interesting and actionable bio. Let students know who you are, what you offer, and what to do next. 
  • Utilize the custom button with a caption “Click here for more information” or suggesting they check out certain videos in your video library. 

Students are looking for connection and guidance.

2. Post videos

The university video library is a great tool to use within the system for students and for colleges. Each college has their own video library. When students view a college video they become a part of that college's perspectives list. Add unlimited videos hosted by Youtube, Vimeo or Wistia. With the video library promote your school, answer frequently asked questions, and give students the information they are looking for. Want to stand out? Think outside the box.

Give student’s something other colleges haven’t provided in videos. Post vlogs of a day as a student or add new videos around trends, seasons or have a monthly theme. Once a student has watched a video, they can like it by clicking on the heart symbol in the bottom right corner of the video. Clicking the heart will add it to their Favorites list. The goal is to provide valuable content and engage students to add them to your college perspectives list. 

3. Be prepared

With a prepared Exhibitors profile, you’ll be able to focus your attention on potential prospects, live sessions, direct chat and meetings scheduled. The Access Program you're interested in is open to students already. Students can create accounts, browse all provided content and become prospects even before the launch date. Right after your Access Program purchase, your first step is to create the college profile page and upload on-demand content. 

Second step is to add additional content. Be prepared before the launch date. Eliminate the stress of rushing at the last minute and be prepared. Following the steps early will allow you to add and edit the content before the day of launch. 

Now that you have learned more about College Access Programs, how they are different from virtual events, and tips to help your college or university stand out, get started and connect with potential students. Watch the demo.