When institutions and perspective students are better informed about each other, they make better decisions.


Before VisitDays, our survey response rate was about 20%. With VisitDays, our survey response rate is now well over 70%. We are very happy with the amount of feedback we are receiving. Collecting responses from the majority of our visitors allows us to be more data driven within our office.

Megan AdamsAssistant Director of Admissions, Visits and Events, University of Louisville

Students who said they were Definitely Enrolling on the VisitDays platform enrolled at a 90% rate.

Curt DirksDirector of Admissions, College of Mount Saint Vincent

Although our implementation of VisitDays met many of our specific pre-implementation goals, at a high-level, it did two things: it reduced our operational costs in managing visitors and improved our engagement with visitors. I can say with confidence that the product has improved our business - both inward and outward-facing.

Ian MortimerVice President of Enrollment, Nazareth College

If you are an institution that uses Salesforce and you do not yet have VisitDays, you are missing out! VisitDays puts our campus visit program on turbo charge, without any additional for work from my staff. As a CIO, I have seen many solutions, and I can confidently say VisitDays has an instant support and engineering team that has been able to integrate to our Salesforce instance seamlessly. I think VisitDays is a gem - if you find it, don't think twice.

Yvette BrownChief Information Officer, Barry University

Every Director or VP of Enrollment should take a close look at VisitDays. If you have Salesforce, adding VisitDays is a no-brainer. VisitDays is built for prospective students and parents and allows institutions to execute a world class campus visit program. The integration process between Salesforce and VisitDays was very simple, it happened in a matter of a few days. There is no other product like it.

Scott RhodesVice President of Enrollment, Florida Polytechnic University

The VisitDays platform has made the process of engaging with prospective students and their families a seamless process. Our ability to provide a customized and unique visit experience for each student has had a direct impact on our events and campus tours. The easy to use mobile platform is resonating with college bound students and automating critical components of the visit program from start to finish!

Nikhil KumarVice President of Enrollment, Manhattanville College

We understand the challenge.

Prospective students who step foot on your campus are significantly more likely to apply than those who don’t. Easier said than done — we know getting them in the door is hard, and figuring out which are going to enroll is even harder. Here’s how we help:

Increase total number of visitors

Our text & web features make it easy to create custom events ranging from coffee dates to large group tours.

Gather critical data

Students receive a survey via SMS text after visiting your campus, providing you with key data from every visitor.

provide on-demand analytics

Use VisitDays analytics to inform communication strategies and predict enrollment with daily insights.

Two ways to drive visit registrations, one place for all your data.


Add Mobi, our quick and easy visit scheduler, to your school’s website with a simple copy & paste. Prospective students can schedule a visit in only 4 clicks.

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Keywords help determine the value of your print material by allowing prospective students to sign up for visits through your print materials via a simple SMS text. No additional setup required.

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All of the data from Mobi and Keywords gets tracked and analyzed for you in Analytics. Get real time data so you can target your efforts more effectively towards those likely to enroll.

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The Platform

Think of the VisitDays platform as your home base.

This is where all of your data lives, where you publish visits and events, check in on prospective students, monitor progress and access data.

Add Mobi or Keywords to your plan to drive signups, and add Analytics to get daily insights on how to improve your recruitment strategy.


  • Create visits/events & track visitors
    all in one place.
  • Email notifications
    when you need them.
  • Unlimited users
    so you can get your whole team on board.
  • Account-based role permissions
    so everyone as the access they need.
  • Customer Support whenever you need it
    we’re real people here to help.

What else does VisitDays do?

These features automatically come out of the box with the VisitDays Platform


Let students finally be able to reschedule or cancel a visit without having to call your office all day. Reminder will be on auto-pilot so you can sit back and watch your show up rate increase, instantly.


Account for every visitor that showed up or randomly walked in. Let them check in via text or manually check them on your phone or tablet device.


Surveys are sent via SMS text to ensure a high volume of responses. This helps you actually use survey data to target the prospective students most likely to yield.


VisitDays can work as a standalone campus visit solution or connect seamlessless with your existing technologies – the choice is up to you. Integrate VisitDays with your CRM, marketing automation plaform, personal calendars and more. We offer a custom built integration service to make sure you can get up and running smoothly.


Don’t believe it? Try our demo.

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