Grow traditional students

With colleges and universities competing for the same pool of prospective students, how do you stand out in the crowded market?

Outperform your competitors.

To stand-out in the market, you need to clearly define who you are targeting. By focusing on transfer students, dormant applications, and high school students in a more targeted way, your institution can beat the competition.

We offer two paths to win enrollment because modern problems demand modern solutions. 
path one:

Leave it to us.

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    Craft the right experience

    VisitDays will conduct an experience audit, data analysis, and craft a customized plan for your institution. This plan includes new student experiences and training for your staff to target the right students who are most likely to apply and enroll.

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    Engage with the right students

    Based on our data analysis, we create and execute a targeted omni-channel marketing plan (text messaging, digital advertising, email marketing, print advertisements) to drive students to engage with your institution. This approach increases applications and engagement with the institution.

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    Iterate and maximize enrollment

    We constantly analyze the results of marketing campaigns and student experiences to ensure that they are always maximizing return on investment for the institution. We create specific campaigns to drive students to enroll with the institution.

path two:

Use our tools.

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    Craft the right experience

    Perform an analysis of historical visit data and student experiences in order to craft a customized plan for your institution and to offer recommendations on the best student experience program to implement at your institution.

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    Use modern tools to win enrollment

    VisitDays will train your staff on best practices and implement our state-of-the-art technology to manage your enrollment funnel in a more data-driven way and to help your institution create better experiences for prospective students and increase yield.