As demand for adult education grows, colleges and universities must focus on creating personalized approaches to increase engagement with adults to drive them to enroll in continuing education programs. Outsmart creates and executes customized plans to increase adult learners and scale revenue.

Data science and technology

Outsmart blends modern data science, our proprietary state-of-the-art technology, millions of data points, over one million engagements with students, and your historical enrollment data to create a targeted approach, which generates ideal student profiles and segments. 

Student data on a map focusing on a woman's student profile

Emphasis on experiences and engagement

Outsmart targets prospective adult learners and pre-qualifies them for the institution. In-person and digital experiences showcase the strengths of an institution and drives prospective learners to apply and enroll. 

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Customized modern marketing

Outsmart creates and executes original marketing content. Each institution is unique and has its own identity, which means that all content must clearly represent and distinguish the brand to adult learners. Our omni-channel approach fully engages prospective learners throughout the enrollment cycle and drives them to have an experience with the institution. All campaigns are tracked with Outsmart technology to ensure maximum return on investment.

Examples of text messaging, digital advertisements, email marketing, and print advertisements