Experience Audit

In-depth analysis and recommendations for enrollment processes and student experiences. 

Experience assessment

Gain an in-depth analysis of how your team is performing. The campus experience assessment audits current enrollment processes and how well your team aligned to the overall mission. Our assessment helps create the framework needed to ensure that your team is prepared and ready to outsmart the competition.
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Secret shopper

This generation of students expects personalized experiences. With secret shopper, you will gain their viewpoint of your institution as they go through the prospective student journey. Secret shopper will analyze your digital footprint, student experience during event, tour guides/experience leader, and pre-experience and post-experience communication. Leadership teams will receive an analysis of the secret shopper’s experience along with recommendations. 

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Competitive intelligence

Send a secret shopper to your competitors. This sets your team up to understand exactly how your student experience stacks up against your competition, and gives you the competitive edge you need. 

Representation of competitive intelligence data

Building new experiences

Create the experiences that prospective students want. We help your team craft the in-person and digital experiences needed to show-off all that your institution has to offer and to increase yield.

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