Find out how successful your print material really is.

What is Keywords?


Keywords allows you to link events to a “keyword” on your print materials. Prospective students text the keyword to a number generated by VisitDays and schedule a visit straight from their phone.

Track your ROI vs. Spend Cost

Each keyword is tied to a specific print campaign so your admission leaders can track performance of each campaign based on the estimated cost for your print/marketing efforts.

You supply the cost, we show the data so your team can see which is driving registrations and check-ins.

Mobile first, SMS first

Capture and convert registrations from print materials anywhere. Use Keywords with public advertisements on
the subway, bus stops, the radio — you get the picture.

Students then text a keyword to a shortcode and get back a link to register — all on their mobile device.

No technical setup required

Simple set up in minutes with no code or technical person needed. You can write your own sms copy and publish a campaign in minutes. Just add your keyword to a specific print campaign and start tracking its success.

Don’t believe it? Try our demo.

We know — hard to believe that we can solve all of your enrollment woes. Try our demo to see for yourself.