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We believe that automated communication, mobile technologies, and data are vital for colleges and universities to use in order to target prospective students most likely to enroll. What drives VisitDays is understanding how prospective students and families interact with the campus visit program, which starts at the time of scheduling to the end of visit.

See how VisitDays has helped innovate and transform the campus visit experience at Jacksonville University in Jacksonville, Florida.

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With tens of thousands of campus visitors per year and an emphasis on innovation, University of Pittburgh consistently looks for ways to improve themeselves and their students.

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"The biggest benefit from VisitDays, Immediately, was clean data. We're getting information from students who are genuinely interested in our campus, and the information is accurate and easy to integrate into our database. In terms of analytics, VisitDays makes it infinitely easier. With a couple of clicks, I can get a sense of who is showing-up down to which county students are coming from."

Jayne ReimelAssistant Director, Visitor Center, University of California, Santa Barbara

" Our implementation of VisitDays did two things: it reduced our operational costs in managing visitors and improved our engagement with visitors. I can say with confidence that the product has improved our business - both inward and outward-facing."

Ian MortimerVice President of Enrollment, Nazareth College

"Pre-VisitDays, you had to call to set up any sort of visit, the process was not user friendly, and everything had to be done by hand. Once we switched to VisitDays, we have heard feedback from families that they appreciate the communication and text messages leading up to the event and it has been much easier to manage tour guides."

Rachel WebbSenior Assistant Director of Admission, Valparaiso University

" Before VisitDays, we were using another product that was not very user-friendly or intuitive. VisitDays streamlined our process, made it easier for students to sign-up for events, and made it easier for us to input guest information on the backend."

Nate CorbittCampus Visit Coordinator, University of North Carolina, Asheville

" Using VisitDays has freed up a lot of my time because of its automated communication with prospective students. I no longer have to make phone calls or set-up individual schedules prior to a student's visit. They know immediately what the visit will be like."

Ka'iulani Evans-BautistaAssistant Director - Campus Visits and Programs, Oregon Institute of Technology

"VisitDays changed my work life. I no longer have to log-in and manually input all of our tours. I can now log-in to the system to see who is coming, where they are from, and what they are coming for. VisitDays has changed the check-in process for us, it's no longer something we have to cross off with a highlighter, we already know who is showing-up as they arrive on campus."

Kristen VanNoordCoordinator of Campus Visitation, University of Memphis

"Using VisitDays allows us to have a more mobile friendly approach for our guests and staff. VisitDays is used to schedule visits campus wide from tour guides to faculty to admissions staff. We've now integrated VisitDays into two different CRMs, and it has been working seamlessly. VisitDays is the only software out there that is specifically for campus visits and campus tours."

Hilary MurrellCampus Visit Coordinator, University of Alabama, Birmingham

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