Getting prospective students and their parents to campus should be easy.

The average prospective student is a little unpredictable


And by that, we mean really unpredictable. Prospective students are applying to and visiting more schools than ever.
They have a ton of choices and the process is intimidating. This is where we come in — we’ve built tools that help prospective students through the funnel while helping you determine which students that visit are going to enroll.

Increase enrollment predictability


VisitDays delivers a mobile survey to every prospective student visitor via text message just as the visit is about to end.

VisitDays surveys are designed to optimize response rate while providing key data from every visitor, segmenting visitors to yield events that will, might, and might not enroll.

On average, our customers see survey organic completion rates greater than 60%.

Drive yield with daily insights


Every day VisitDays gives you analytics on students that haven’t applied but might; VisitDays can pinpoint which visitors are likely to enroll, so you can create more targeted and meaningful interactions for them.

Our customers have seen yield increases of over 8%

Provide an impactful experience anywhere along their journey


VisitDays makes it easier to offer more personalized visits and interactions anywhere in your prospect funnel, all while giving you the most accurate information about who is likely to apply, and even better: likely to enroll.

Open House
Information Sessions

Bring students to campus and track how effective your larger events are in engaging students.

Meet a professor
Coffee with student
Academic Specific Visits

Create more personal interactions for prospective students to help engage them with your programs, students, and faculty.

Admitted Student Day

Stay engaged with students most likely to enroll as you send out acceptances.

Seeing is Believing

Try our demo to see for yourself.