Creating a campus visit should be pain-free for your team. On the backend, our clients are able to easily create and edit visit types as they need.



Prospective students are able to effortlessly schedule a campus visit in a few clicks on their computers or mobile devices.


spend more time building relationships with prospective students

Campus visit communications are now on auto-pilot. From the moment prospective students schedule a visit on your website, they are set on an automated communication path that sends reminders, directions, and other information for the visit. If they need to cancel, then they are also sent instructions on how to reschedule their campus visit.

Automated Check-in

Streamline your check-in process

Using clipboards, pens, and paper to check-in students creates a chaotic first appearance at a campus event. VisitDays lets your prospective students check-in for their visit before they arrive on campus, allowing your team to spend more time building relationships.


Quick, actionable feedback on your visit program

Gone are the days of paper surveys and clunky online forms to get feedback from prospective students. VisitDays surveys are short, modern, and sent automatically to prospective students as your campus visit is coming to a close. Our surveys have a 60-70% organic completion rate.

Backend analytics

target the students most likely to enroll

Analytics is where your visit data is synthesized. With easy to read charts, graphs, and heat maps, you will have the tools you need to meet and exceed enrollment goals.

CRM integration

Have all of your data in one place

VisitDays seamlessly integrates with your institution’s CRM or acts as a standalone to quickly get you the data that you need. It’s really that simple.

Make Every Visitor Count.