A registration experience prospective students want to complete

What is Mobi?

Mobi is our registration experience that you can add to any page on your website. Mobi is designed to be simple yet personal so prospective students feel connected to your institution.

Mobile First

It’s probably been awhile since your admin team applied to college, but it’s no surprise that the way prospective students are interacting with colleges has changed. In an age of mobile web browsing, we’ve seen a 30% and often higher percentage of registrations coming from mobile. Mobi is mobile-optimized for any device, even if the website it’s on is not.

A more personal approach to campus visits.

Students don’t want to feel like they’re just another number in the admissions cycle. Mobi makes the process of scheduling visits feel like (and all about) scheduling time with a real person. It’s easy to facilitate prospective students building a real “itinerary” for their visit, not just signing up for one event.

Customize to fit your brand

Helping prospective students feel connected to your brand is important. That’s why we’ve made it easy to change the styles and colors of Mobi so you can show of your school’s colors with pride.

Installation as easy as copy and paste

Simply copy and paste a link into your site to get up and running. You can customize where Mobi goes on your website – either our default button that sticks to the bottom right of the screen, or calling it from any link, button or image on your page that you set. Mobi fits into the current flow of your website so you don’t have to change anything.

Before VisitDays, our survey response rate was about 20%. With VisitDays, our survey response rate is now well over 70%. We are very happy with the amount of feedback we are receiving. Collecting responses from the majority of our visitors allows us to be more data driven within our office.

Megan AdamsAssistant Director of Admissions, Visits and Events, University of Louisville

The VisitDays platform has made the process of engaging with prospective students and their families a seamless process. Our ability to provide a customized and unique visit experience for each student has had a direct impact on our events and campus tours. The easy to use mobile platform is resonating with college bound students and automating critical components of the visit program from start to finish!

Nikhil KumarVice President of Enrollment, Manhattanville College

Students who said they were Definitely Enrolling on the VisitDays platform enrolled at a 90% rate.

Curt DirksDirector of Admissions, College of Mount Saint Vincent

Although our implementation of VisitDays met many of our specific pre-implementation goals, at a high-level, it did two things: it reduced our operational costs in managing visitors and improved our engagement with visitors. I can say with confidence that the product has improved our business - both inward and outward-facing.

Ian MortimerVice President of Enrollment, Nazareth College

If you are an institution that uses Salesforce and you do not yet have VisitDays, you are missing out! VisitDays puts our campus visit program on turbo charge, without any additional for work from my staff. As a CIO, I have seen many solutions, and I can confidently say VisitDays has an instant support and engineering team that has been able to integrate to our Salesforce instance seamlessly. I think VisitDays is a gem - if you find it, don't think twice.

Yvette BrownChief Information Officer, Barry University

Every Director or VP of Enrollment should take a close look at VisitDays. If you have Salesforce, adding VisitDays is a no-brainer. VisitDays is built for prospective students and parents and allows institutions to execute a world class campus visit program. The integration process between Salesforce and VisitDays was very simple, it happened in a matter of a few days. There is no other product like it.

Scott RhodesVice President of Enrollment, Florida Polytechnic University

Seeing is Believing 

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