A great graduate program should be easy to show off

We’ve heard the story a million times.


You don’t get a ton of applications or enroll the right students to your grad program. These days prospective grad students need to know their investment will really pay off. VisitDays can help you attract prospective students by creating more personal interactions and helping you stay engaged with them throughout the process.

Create more personal interactions

The VisitDays platform works flexibly to help you create the right kinds of events for the right type of students. Help engage prospective graduate students with highly personal engagements like one-on-ones and coffee dates.

Utilize print material

For the first time ever you can track how your print material is driving leads. See how each print campaign is doing by attributing sign up keywords to different collateral.

Stay engaged after their visit

VisitDays will help you stay engaged with prospective graduate students after their visit while supplying you insights on which students are more likely to apply.

Seeing is Believing

Try our demo to see for yourself.