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With tens of thousands of campus visitors per year and an emphasis on innovation, University of Pittsburgh consistently looks for ways to improve themselves and their students.

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University of Pittsburgh is consistently ranked as one of the best public universities in the United States. In 2018, the Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education ranking named them the best public university in the northeast. University of Pittsburgh prides itself on its world class education and always seeks new ways to innovate the world. However, even one of the world’s top universities sometimes needs help to pave the way forward.

With tens of thousands of campus visitors per year, 5 total campuses, and over 200 tour guides, University of Pittsburgh needed a better and more efficient way to manage their campus visit program. That’s where the partnership with VisitDays begins.

VisitDays has worked with the university to make it easier for prospective students and families to check-in for campus visits, automate key aspects of the visit program, build key relationships with other departments and vendors, and get the data that they need in real-time to make the most informed decisions.

Since the VisitDays and University of Pittsburgh relationship began in early 2018, the university has increased its show-up rate by 5% compared to the 2017 spring visit program. Importantly, because they know exactly who is going to show-up for each event, they have saved over $20,000 in food costs for the 2018 spring visit program.

” The projected participation for lunch on Friday was 97% accurate (775 out of 800 guests) and on Saturday it was 100% accurate (1,300 out of 1,300 guests). The dining services team, during our post meal meeting, opined how this was going to help cut down food waste and enhance their ability project food production quantities. “

Heather Howe Abrams
Director of Vsitor Engagement

The relationship with VisitDays has allowed University of Pittsburgh to bring down costs, increase return on investment, and build partnerships needed for sustained success.

Make Every Visitor Count.