A data-driven approach to your visit program

What is Analytics?


Analytics helps your enrollment and admissions leaders understand how your visits and events drive prospective students in the funnel. VisitDays Analytics will increase both your number of visitors and your yield.

Pre-built charts and graphs

Visit Analytics has analyzed your campus visit data and attributed which visits and events yield students.

Don’t feel rushed in your next Board or Team meeting; Analytics has prebuilt charts and analysis done for you to copy and paste in your next presentation or email.

Senior Data Analyst

That’s right, by purchasing Analytics we provide a data analyst to help you make sense of all your data so you can run a more strategic and effective visit program.

Reliable survey results

Analytics provides survey data that helps illustrate how your visits/events drive prospective students through the funnel. Our surveys see on average an 80% completion rate. Using data collected by VisitDays you can be strategic in your decision making and in determining the value of your visits/events.

Track staff & tour guide performance

Surveys collect responses for staff assigned to the visits so you can see who is checking in visitors and who is helping to improve survey responses.

Seeing is Believing

 Try our demo to see for yourself.